Ten Reasons To Experience A Private Chef

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ChefGary gives you ten benefits on why a private dining experience could be right for you, whether comparing to a night out in a restaurant or tackling the hard work yourself at home



ChefGary's private chef concept is a passionate venture stemming from a love of good food, creating phenomenal cuisine that everybody loves to eat. All of the current dishes on the menu began their journey in the humble environment of ChefGary's home, being enjoyed by friends and family. For this reason, utmost pride is put into menu development, aiming to deliver dishes full of promise of not just using the best local produce but cooking everything to perfection and getting the best out of each carefully selected ingredient. ChefGary values customer service more than anything else, delivering each plate of meticulously prepared food with a friendly smile. Although huge focus is given on the actual evening, the service certainly doesn't start there. With efficient and responsive contact via email, telephone or face to face, all of ChefGary's clients are made to feel at ease with their dinner party journey from the very first point of contact.

'ChefGary's top ten'

1) TRAVEL: When celebrating at home, there's no need to worry about the hassle or expense of travel. Whether just looking at the organising of logistics for larger numbers or even just saving the expense of taxi fair, it's always a better experience to have gourmet food at your doorstep.

2) CHILDREN: Whether your children are tagging along to the restaurant, you're left worrying about bedtimes or arranging babysitting, all can put stress on an evening out. Saving the expense of babysitters along with having a private chef being flexible with timings is definitely a key bonus.

3) DRINKS: When it comes to fine wine, or any other drink for that matter, it can always be a little off putting when a steep mark up has been put on the price. Enjoying your own vintage bottle with delicious and decadent dining at home, there's obviously a huge saving to be made. 

4) BEST TABLE IN THE RESTAURANT: A chef's attention in the restaurant is divided between every table on the evening. Having a one on one experience with your own chef for your table should warrant the highest of standards when it comes to the food and of course exceptional service. 

5) RELAX AT HOME: Buying our homes is most likely the biggest investment we will ever make. Everybody deserves to be spoiled at home and having a private chef cook for you is definitely a one off (or more) experience!

6) PREPARATION: We personally spend more time on food preparation than anything else to ensure everything is perfect. If using a private chef,  the whole day is yours to enjoy and not worry about getting everything ready.

7) DURING: We all know how hard it is to be the perfect host, allowing social time for our guests and at the same time being tied to the kitchen. When having a personal chef  you can leave all the hard work of the food being hot and ready on time to another set of hands.

8) THE WASHING UP: Nobody enjoys the aftermath of a dinner party when it comes to the cleaning down. Your personal chef service should take care of all the washing up and tidying down. A huge relief after the evening starts winding down.

9) JOURNEY HOME: After your dinner party, there's no extra hassle of 'the journey home' A great feeling after a night celebrating with plenty of great food and quite likely a few drinks...   

10) HOLIDAY HOMES: If staying in a weekend retreat away from where you're familiar, it's always difficult to know where to eat out. Even the most reliable of restaurants have had unfortunate bad reviews on occasion so dining in with a private chef should offer you the most deserved high expectations and a brilliant meal! Especially if you don't know the roads or have elderly guests or young ones, it makes it much simpler to have everything brought to you.