Why we do what we do

ChefGary Dinner party
ChefGary Dinner party
ChefGary Dinner party
ChefGary Dinner party

‘It’s all about the food on the plate’



ChefGary fell in love with the creative side of cooking from an early age, following in the footsteps of his grandma who was very adept at many tradional recipes. Learning how to get the best out of simple ingredients is a great stepping stone to learn from and now in the current menus you can see twists on Asian, Middle Eastern and other European cuisine with exciting spices, exotic flavours and modern cooking techniques.

ChefGary Dinner party - Scallops
Roast chicken dinner
ChefGary Dinner party - British Beef
Trio of desserts chefGary


When ChefGary and ChefMike first met at catering college they built a great foundation of friendship based on their shared passion. Gaining experience in some great restaurants, hotels and bistro pubs, between them they had a solid ground to grow a business where they could further share their culinary wizardry. ChefGary, the business, started in 2008 and back then was as much an exciting hobby as a entrepreneurial journey. When it started to grow, ChefMike came on board, collaborating strengths to create a fabulous in home dining experience for their clients. Fast forwards and there’s now a growing close knit group of select chefs that all work under the ChefGary umbrella, sharing the same principles and culture.

‘Building a business has been both hard work and rewarding with long hours yet it brings instant satisfaction from every guest. Bringing a smile to someone’s face simply by having them taste some great food is a pleasure to see and always makes the job worthwhile’

All within the ChefGary team are extremely passionate about great food. From where the main ingredients come from to how they’re farmed, stored and prepared. When it comes to the final plating it is so important not to forget about the journey and do the ingredients justice.

‘Presentation and flavour are absolutely key when it comes to wowing every guest’

When you love what you do, it hardly seems a chore and that’s why the team at ChefGary work their hardest in producing not only fantastic and fabulous plates of food but combine it with a superb service to create the best dining experience for you.


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Dinner party canapes
Dinner party canapes
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Dinner party desserts
Dinner Party desserts