Another Fabulous Private Dinner Party with Fred and Donna

Hampshire fillet steak

A superb home dinner for a table of eight wonderful guests in Hampshire - a decadent array of eclectic canapes and four further delicious plated courses with ChefGary


This weekend was a return visit to the lovely home of Fred and Donna. Having previously catered a superb Christmas celebration last year it was a huge pleasure to be invited back to cook for everyone again. This time around we planned a great tasting menu to be enjoyed by all, though with vegetarian alternates where necessary. 

As always, all the preparation is done off site, leaving us to arrive about 2 hours before the first course is due to be served. We lay the table with our own cutlery, bring in all the crockery and any cooking utensils. We did have a bit of an emergency with a gas shortage though we were able to make use of an electric oven. Along with superb improvisation, we also managed to use an indoor BBQ to help get everything finished off and to the table exactly as it should be to maintain the highest of standards and keep up with the expectations of all the guests.

Definitely a dinner party to remember and a huge pleasure to serve up some delicious and gourmet food for more lovely guests.



Chef's decadent array of canapes


Roasted butternut squash, feta and mint pastis, curry oil, toasted hazelnuts


Chicken liver and wild mushroom parfait, toasted soda bread, camembert, carpacio of pear, glazed honey


Blood orange sorbet


Pan seared pave of Hampshire beef fillet,
Dauphinoise potatoes, winter vegetables, red wine gravy, 


Trio of desserts: