Gluten and Dairy FREE chocolate brownie recipe


Who doesn't love making and then indulging in a really good Chocolate Brownie! Being one of the first "Cake" recipes I ever made, it will always bring back fond memories of my earliest baking sessions. Now taking pride of place as one of the most popular desserts on our current menu this recipe shows off the best of good chocolate mixed with a bit of love and passion. Having played around with many variations of my original recipe and having tasted many many more, we believe we now have a super tasty version that is easy to reproduce. The success of our latest Chocolate Brownie recipe is all about using a good Chocolate with high Cocoa solids (70% is perfect) and cooking to create a crisp biscuit edge with a gooey fudge-like texture in the middle. The absolute perfect combination for me :) You may need a bit of trial and error though with timings as every oven is different.... I love mine not long out of the oven after it's first bake with a really good espresso though it is equally good warmed back up and served with a fabulous rich Ice Cream. Our recipe is naturally low on the amount of flour used and so it works really well just to switch the plain flour for a gluten free blend. Gluten free flour is widely available, being commonly made using a variety of rice, buckwheat, tapioca and other gluten free grains. I have listed the recipe below with gluten free flour and also coconut oil in place of butter so this version is dairy free too. The coconut oil gives it a great depth of flavour as does the dark brown sugar and isn't overly sweet. Please do make sure you read the label on the chocolate you use to ensure your recipe is completely dairy free if you have allergies or intolerances.

Happy baking! :)

200 Grams Dark Chocolate, (70% cocoa solids)
200 Grams Coconut Oil,
200 Grams Soft Brown Sugar,
150 Dark Brown Sugar,
120 Grams Gluten free Flour (Dove Blend)
5 Eggs,
Teaspoon Vanilla Bean Extract,
Pinch Sea Salt,

200 Grams Toasted Pecans,
200 Grams Chipped Dark Chocolate,

1) Preheat your oven to 160 Centigrade
2) Melt the Chocolate and Coconut Oil together, 
3) Add the Sugar, Salt and Vanilla and mix well,
4) Beat in the eggs, one at a time,
5) Fold in the Flour, mixing until completely disolved into the Chocolate,
6) Fold in the Pecans and Chocolate Chips,
7) Cook for 20 minutes at 160. (The Brownie should still be quite gooey, your knife coming out with a trace of chocolate on it)
8) Let it rest for half an hour minimum before cutting or leave to cool overnight.